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There's this thing called ChatGPT you may have heard of. Is it the end for all software developers? Have we reached the epitome of mankind? Also, should you write your own or find a FOSS solution? That and much more as Allen gets redemption, Joe has a beautiful monologue, and Outlaw debates a monitor that is a thumb size larger than his current setup.

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  • Is this the beginning or the end of software development as we know it?
  • Are you using it for work? Does your work have an AI policy?
  • OpenAI has recently announced a whopping 90% price reduction on their ChatGPT and Whisper APi calls
    • $.002 per 1000 ChatGPT tokens
    • $.006 per minute to Whisper
  • You also get $5 in free credit in your first 3 months, so give it a shot!

Roll Your Own vs FOSS

  • This probably isn't the first time and it won't be the last we ask the question - should you write your own version of something if there's a good Free Open Source Software alternative out there?

Typed vs Untyped Languages

  • Another topic that we've touched on over the years - which is better and why?
  • Any considerations when working with teams of developers?
  • What are the pros and cons of each?

Cloud Pricing

  • If you're spending a good amount of money in the cloud, you should probably talk to a sales rep for your given cloud and try to negotiate rates. You may be surprised how much you can save. never know until you ask!

Outlaw has the Itch to get a new Monitor

Resources from this episode

Tips of the Week

  • Did you know that the handy, dandy application jq is great for formatting json AND it's also Turing complete? You can do full on programming inside jq to make changes - conditionals, variables, math, filtering,'s Turing Complete!
  • Want to freshen up your space, but you just don't have the vision? Give a chance, upload a picture of your room and give it a description. It works better than it should.
  • You can sort your command line output when doing something like an ls
    sort -k2 -b
  • On macOS you can drag a non-fullscreen window to a fullscreen desktop
  • When using the ls -l command in a terminal, that first numeric column shows the number of hard links to a file - meaning the number of names an inode has for that file
  • Argument parser for Python 3 - makes parsing command line arguments a breeze and creates beautiful --help documentation to boot!
  • .NET has an equivalent parser we've mentioned in the past

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