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We've got a smorgasbord of delights for you this week, ranging from mechanical switches to the cloud and beyond. Also, Michael's cosplaying as Megaman, Joe learns the difference between Clicks and Clacks, and Allen takes no prisoners.

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The Show

  • Why are mechanical keyboards so popular with programmers?
  • Is it the sound? Is it the feel? What are silent switches? Are they missing the point?
  • You can buy key switches for good prices (
  • Cloud Costs Every Programmer should know ( (Thanks Mikerg!)
  • List of static analysis tools, so you can get with the times! (GitHub) (Thanks Mikerg!)
  • From itsmatt:
  • "I’d love a breakdown of what each of you think are your key differences in philosophies or approaches to software development. Could be from arguments or debates on older episodes, whether on coding, leadership, startups, AI, whatever - just curious about how best to tell everyone’s voices apart based on what they’re saying. I know one of you is Jay Z (JZ?), but slow to pick up on which host is which based on accents alone."

Resources We Like

  • 8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard (amazon)
  • Hot Swap vs Solderable Keyboard PCBs (
  • Cherry MX Switch Tester (amazon)
  • Keyboard Switch Sample Pack (amazon)

Tip of the Week

  • How do you center a div? Within a div? With right-align text? What about centering 3 divs? What if you want to space them out evenly? If you've been away from CSS for a while, you may be a bit rusty on the best ways to do this. Not sure if it's "the best" but an easy solution to these problems is to use Flexbox, and lucky for you there is a fun little game designed to teach you how to use it. (
  • is a website focused on computer gear, headphones, keyboards, desk accessories etc. It's got a lot of cool stuff! (
  • Have you ever accidentally deleted a file? Recovering files in git doesn't have to be hard with the "restore" command (
  • Have trouble with your hands and want to limber up? Also doubles as a cool retro Capcom Halloween costume. It's a LifePro Hand Massager! (amazon)

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