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Picture, if you will, a nondescript office space, where time seems to stand still as programmers gather around a water cooler. Here, in the twilight of the workday, they exchange eerie tales of programming glitches, security breaches, and asynchronous calls. Welcome to the Programming Zone, where reality blurs and (silent) keystrokes echo in the depths of the unknown. Also, Allen is ready to boom, Outlaw is not happy about these category choices, and Joe takes the easy (but not longest) road.

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    • ivan.kuchin, Nick Brooker, Szymon, JT, Scott Harden
  • Text replacements are tricky, replacing links to "" with "" enabled a wave of domain spoofing attacks. (

Around the Water Cooler

  • Ktor is an asynchronous web framework based on Kotlin, but can it compete with Spring? (
  • docker init is a great tool for getting started, but how much can you expect from a scaffolding tool? (
  • Logging, how much is too much? What if we could go back in time?
  • Boomer Hour: Let's talk about GChat UX
  • What do you know about browser extensions?
  • Can you trust any extensions?
  • Bookmarklets still rock! (
  • Silent Key Tester for mechanical keyboards, you can specify a wide variety of switches (
    • Joe's preferences:
      • Durock Shrimp Silent T1
      • Tactile Gazzew Boba U4 Silent
      • Liner Kailh Silent Brown
      • Linear Lichicx Lucy Silent
      • Linear WS Wuque Studio Gray Silent
      • Tactile WS Wuque Studio
      • White Silent - Linear
      • Tactile Kailh Silent Pink
      • Linear Cherry MX Silent Red

Tip of the Week

  • Feeling nostalgic for the original GameBoy or GameBoy Color? GBStudio is a one-stop shop for making games, it's open-source and fully featured. You can do the art, music, and programming all in one tool and it's thoughtfully laid out and well-documented. Bonus…you games will work in GameBoy emulators AND you can even produce your own working physical copies. (If you don't want the high-level tools you can go old skool with "GBDK" too) (
  • If you're going to do something, why not script it? If you're going to script it, save it for next time!
  • Dave's Garage is a YouTube channel that does deep dives into Windows internals, cool electronics projects, and everything in between! (YouTube)

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