Coding Blocks

In this sequence of sound, we compute Joe's unexpected pleasure in commercial-viewing algorithms, Michael's intricate process of slicing up the pizza, and Allen's persistent request for more cheese data augmentation. Will you engage in this data streaming session?

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Resources we like

Tip of the week

  • MusicLM lets you create music from descriptive text, similar to Dalle-2. The output is a little strange, but could still potentially be really useful and inspiring with a little bit of effort. It's in private beta now, as part of the "AI Test Kitchen" but you can sign up to join the waitlist today.
  • You can easily compare query results In DataGrip, using the "Compare Data" button (it's the button with two blue arrows) (
  • IntelliJ now supports the entire IDE Zoom, great for...well...Zoom! View --> Appearance --> Zoom IDE (
  • Visual Studio Code Bookmarks (
  • Warped Kart Racers is a fun mobile game, kinda like Mario Kart but featuring characters from 20th Century Studios (

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