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  • The call for speakers is open till December 15th for Orlando Code Camp
  • Sony announces a9 III: World's first full-frame global shutter camera (

Technology Adoption Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises 2022-2024

  • Gartner Report Technology Adoption Roadmap for Midsize Enterprises 2022-2024More than 400 MSE's interviewed (
  • 53 technologies were mapped to adoption stage (pilot, deployed 2022, deploy in 2023), value and risk
  • Value was determined by looking at the following factors
    • Increasing cost efficiency
    • Improving speed and agility
    • Enabling resilience
    • Enhancing employee productivity
  • Deployment risk
    • Cybersecurity risks
    • Implementation cost
    • Talent availability
    • Vendor supply chain disruption
    • Geopolitical risks

Key Takeaways

  • Cybersecurity
    • Investments prioritized in (M)anaged (D)etection and (R)response - this to deal with the growing threat of digital risks including things like ransomware
    • (S)ecure (A)ccess (S)ervice (E)dge is gaining traction for moving away from hardware based security solutions to cloud based security services
    • (Z)ero (T)rust (N)etwork (A)ccess is being evaluated to replace VPNs
  • Future work environments
    • Investments are being made in hybrid and remote work environments over collaboration and productivity tools
      • Deployment of cloud security tools being prioritized to enable more security hybrid and remote work environments
      • DIstributed cloud systems and cloud storage are also being prioritized
    • (C)itizen (A)utomation and (D)evelopment (P)latforms are also being investigated to allow business users to leverage low-code services to help speed business decisions
    • NLP - Natural Language Processing appears to be something that businesses want to adopt but are falling behind on plans to deploy due to some challenges
      • Accuracy in language translation
      • Even though NLP has come a LONG way in the past couple years, the human language is still a very challenging problem to solve
  • Productivity and Operation Efficiency
    • Investing in AI and Data Science and Machine Learning to help observe infrastructure across on-prem, cloud and edge computing
      • Comes with high deployment risks but still very highly adopted
    • Investments in 5g for larger demand of networking
    • Investments in API management PaaS

Some of the high-value low-risk items being piloted

  • Cloud Data Warehousing

High-value low-risk items deployed or being deployed

  • Security Orchestration Automation and Response
  • Digital Experience Monitoring
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery
  • Integration Platform as a Service
  • SD-WAN (software-defined WAN)
  • Network Detection and Response

High-value high risk

  • Zero Trust Network Access
  • Artificial Intelligence IT Operations - AIOps
  • Cloud Application Discovery
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing
  • AI Cloud Services
  • Cloud Managed Networks - CMNs

Who have you partnered with?

  • Email Addresses
  • Registrar
  • Cloud Storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc)
  • Backups (Do you still need them!?)
    • Contacts
    • Passwords
    • Photos

Tip of the Week

  • Have a presentation to do? Slidev is a VueJs and markdown-based way to create slides. Because it's web based you can do cool interactive type stuff, and it's portable. Bonus: recording and camera view support built in. Thanks Dave! (
  • There are a lot of great resources for Kubernetes on the official Kubernetes Certifications and Training page (
  • Notes in iOS are pretty good now! Did you know you can use it for inline images, videos, along with note taking…. (
  • Use Docker? Check out dive, it's a tool for exploring a docker image, layer contents, and discovering ways to shrink the size of your Docker/OCI image. (

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