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In this episode we talk about several things that have been on our mind. We find that Joe has been taken over by AI's, Michael now understands our love of Kotlin, and Allen wants to know how to escape supporting code you wrote forever.

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We're doing a water cooler talk today. Also, Allen can tell you how not to leak secrets, Michael knows how to work a spreadsheet, and Joe has been replaced by an AGI.

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  • Want to score Vue.js London tickets? Tweet using both @CodingBlocks and #vuejs for a chance to win! (vue.js)
  • How do you decide which projects are worth trying to convert into a money-making endeavor?
  • Samsung ChatGPT sensitive information leaks (
  • U.S Military Documents Leaked To Minecraft Discord Server (
  • Real-Time Analytics Podcast with Tim Berglund (
  • CodeWhisperer from Amazon (
  • How much did GPT 3 cost? (
  • How much did GPT 4 cost? (
  • How much did Alpaca cost to train? (
  • Have any experience with Twilio? It's work! (

Resources we like

  • docker init is a tool (in beta) built into the latest Docker Desktop that you can use to get a leg up on your next project. It makes it easy to create docker files with best practices, as well as a docker-compose file to get you up and running. (
  • screen is an open-source powerful terminal multiplexer that allows users to create, manage, and switch between multiple terminal sessions, enabling seamless multitasking and persistent remote connections in a single window.
  • The VIVO Universal Treadmill Desk Riser is an adjustable, ergonomic workspace solution designed to fit most treadmills, allowing users to seamlessly combine their work and exercise routines for a healthy, productive lifestyle. (
  • The LifeSpan Fitness Under Desk Walking Treadmill is a compact, low-profile treadmill designed to fit under standing desks, enabling remote workers to maintain an active lifestyle by seamlessly integrating walking or light jogging into their daily work routine, promoting better health and increased productivity. (
  • Kubernetes Network Policies are a set of rules that define how pods within a cluster can communicate with each other and with external resources, allowing administrators to enforce fine-grained access control and enhance the security of their containerized applications. (

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This episode is a deep dive on serial transactions and how they're even possible.  For the full show notes go to: