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We talk about career management and interview tips, pushing data contracts "left", and our favorite dev books while Outlaw is [redacted], Joe's trying to figure out how to hire junior devs, and Allen's trying to screw some nails in.

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From 'Round the Water-Cooler

Why don't companies want junior developers?

  • You see a lot of advice out there for developers to get that first job, but what advice does the industry have to trying to hire and support them? …not much

How long do you need to stay at a job?

  • What do you do if you're worried about being a "job hopper"?

Data Contracts..moving left?

Most impactful books we've covered on the show

  • Find more on our resources page
  • Joe
    1. Designing Data-Intensive Applications (Amazon)
    2. The DevOps Handbook (Amazon)
    3. Clean Architecture (Amazon)
  • Allen
    1. Designing Data-Intensive Applications (Amazon)
    2. The Imposter’s Handbook (
    3. Clean Architecture (Amazon)

How do you prepare to interview for a company?

  • Interviewing…know what the company is creating so you'll have an idea of what challenges they may have technically and so you can look up how you might solve some of those problems

How do you decide when to bring in new tech?

  • Right tool for the job - don't always be jumping ship to the newest, shiniest thing - it might be you just need to augment your stack with a new piece of technology rather than thinking something new will solve ALL your problems

Tip of the Week

  • Did you know Obsidian has a command palette similar to Code? Same short-cut (Cmd/Ctrl-P) as VS Code and it makes for a great learning curve! Don't know how to make something italic? Cmd-P. Insert a template? Cmd-P. Pretty much anything you want to do, but don't know how to do. Cmd P! (
  • Ghostery plugin for Firefox cuts down on ads and protects your privacy. Thanks for the tip Aaron Jeskie! (
  • Amazing prank to play on Windows user, hit F-11 to full screen this website next time your co-worker or family member leaves their computer unlocked. Thanks Scott Harden! (

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