Coding Blocks

We gather around the watercooler to discuss the latest gossip and shenanigans have been called while Coach Allen is not wrong, Michael gets called out, and Joe gets it right the first time.

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Water-cooler Topics

  • Now that we’re post pandemic, are there any plans to get back out there and start doing some meetups, presenting, etc.?
  • What’s your dream conference look like?
  • Which do you prefer: using managed services or managing your own?
  • What’s the right balance of processes?
  • Which do you prefer: work alone on an island or as part of a team?
  • What are you going to be for Halloween?
Allen’s creepy/cool LED face changing smart mask by Lunar Lights

Resources we Like

Tip of the Week

  • DuckDB is an in-process SQL OLAP database management system. You can use it from the command line, drop it into your POM file, pip install it, or npm install it, and then you can easily work with CSV or Parquet files as if they were a database. (
  • Want to be sure a file or URL is safe? Use Virus Total to find out. From VirusTotal: VirusTotal inspects items with over 70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blocklisting services, in addition to a myriad of tools to extract signals from the studied content. (
  • How to Show & Verify Code Signatures for Apps in Mac OS X (
    • tldr: codesign -dv --verbose=4 /path/to/
  • How to Get GitHub-like Diff Support in Git on the Command-Line (
  • Speed up development cycles when working in Kubernetes with Telepresence. (
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