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We couldn’t decide if we wanted to gather around the water cooler or talk about some cool APIs, so we opted to do both, while Joe promises there’s a W in his name, Allen doesn’t want to say graph, and Michael isn’t calling out applets.

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  • Datadog –  Sign up today for a free 14 day trial and get a free Datadog t-shirt after creating your first dashboard.
  • Linode – Sign up for $100 in free credit and simplify your infrastructure with Linode’s Linux virtual machines.
  • ConfigCat – The feature flag and config management service that lets you turn features ON after deployment or target specific groups of users with different features.

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Overheard around the Water Cooler

  • Where do you draw the line before you use a hammer to solve every problem?
  • When is it worth bringing in another technology?
  • Can you have too many tools?

APIs of Interest

Joe’s Picks

  • Video game related APIs
    • RAWG – The Biggest Video Game Database on RAWG – Video Game Discovery Service (
    • PS: Your favorite video games might have an API:
  • Satellite imagery related APIs
  • Get into the affiliate game

Allen’s Picks

Michael’s Picks

  • Alpha Vantage – Free Stock APIs (
  • Why so serious?
    • icanhazdadjoke – The largest selection of dad jokes on the Internet (
    • Channel your inner Stuart Smalley with affirmations. (
    • HTTP Cats – The ultimate source for HTTP status code images. (
  • Relevant call backs from episode 127:
    • Random User Generator – A free, open-source API for generating random user data. (
    • Remember the API – Programmer gifts and merchandise (

Resources We Like

  • ReDoc – OpenAPI/Swagger-generated API Reference Documentation (GitHub)
  • Google Earth – The world’s most detailed globe. (
  • Google Sky – Traveling to the stars has never been easier. (
  • – Discover the best APIs and SaaS products to integrate with. (
  • ProgrammableWeb – The leading source of news and information about Internet-based APIs.(
  • NASA APIs – NASA data, including imagery, accessible to developers. (
  • RapidAPI – The Next-Generation API Platform (
  • Stuart Smalley (Wikipedia)
  • Al Franken (Wikipedia)
  • Muzzle – A simple Mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing. (

Tip of the Week

  • Not sure what project to do? Google for an API or check out RapidAPI for a consistent way to farm ideas:
    • RAWG Video Games Database API Documentation (
  • Press F12 in Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, then go to the Elements tab (or Inspector in Firefox) to start hacking away at the DOM for immediate prototyping.
  • All things K9s
    • Getting Started with K9s – A Love Letter to K9s
    • Use K9s to easily monitor your Kubernetes cluster
    • Not only does K9s support skins and themes, but supports *cluster specific* skins (
  • If you like xkcd, Monkey User is for you!
    • xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. (
    • Monkey User – Created out of a desire to bring joy to people working in IT. (
  • Remap Windows Terminal to use CTRL+D, another keyboard customizations. (
  • PostgreSQL and Foreign Data (
    • A listing of available foreign data wrappers for PostgreSQL on the wiki. (
  • Cheerio – Fast, flexible & lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server. (
  • JetBrains MPS (Meta Programming System) – Create your own domain-specific language (JetBrains)
    • Case study – Domain-specific languages to implement Dutch tax legislation and process changes of that legislation. (JetBrains)
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